Download my first Minecraft world

Yep, the title explains it all. I'm putting my first Minecraft world up for download. This world was created in Minecraft 1.4.2 in 2012. It was then updated to MC 1.6 then 1.7.10 then 1.8.9. I stopped building in this world 2 years ago when I became interested in resource packs. The world is supposed … Continue reading Download my first Minecraft world


How I dealt with the Ztorg Android Malware

On Sunday 10th July 2016 at 03:00 GMT, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android detected 2 pieces of malware on my device within a pirated version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. (Yes I pirate games if I have to) 10 minutes later, the scan finished and KIS stated that it had found one malicious app running in … Continue reading How I dealt with the Ztorg Android Malware

Password Managers and Storing Passwords

I now see a lot more people using password managers and other people starting to generate random passwords for different services, but is storing passwords in a password manager a good idea? Password managers work by storing the users password in a heavily encrypted form on either the users PC or an internet service. Keep … Continue reading Password Managers and Storing Passwords

Scams, Phishing and Web Forgery.

Scams are all over the internet. All of them socially engineer vulnerable people into believing them. Here is a list of how to spot some of the most common used on the internet! Websites that say "You have won the lottery" or something similar are almost always scams. There are rare cases where it just … Continue reading Scams, Phishing and Web Forgery.

Yet Another Minecraft Vulnerability!

UPDATE: The vulnerability isn't actually patched. The Session ID just doesn't get printed to the log files any more.   On the 3rd March 2016, Mojang (The developers of Minecraft) released a new version of the Minecraft Launcher. Not much is known about what has changed between the old launcher version and the new launcher … Continue reading Yet Another Minecraft Vulnerability!

Adblock can be good for you

Many people use adblock (Including me) and I noticed that a lot of businesses are stating that adblockers are bad and people should not use them. Don't listen to it. Adblockers provide an important role in security for blocking compromised adverts, malvertising, clickjacking and malicious web resources, which will infect users with all sorts of … Continue reading Adblock can be good for you

What are state-sponsored attacks?

If you are wondering why I am re-writing this blog post, it is because the old version was terrible and didn't explain it very good. State-sponsored attacks / incidents are where government organizations target and attack certain companies such as Google or Facebook and try to steal personal information. This information often contains things which … Continue reading What are state-sponsored attacks?