FZN Resource Pack [ARCHIVE]

The FZN Resource Pack is no longer being updated. This is an archive page.

Update for 17w06a – 20th February 2017

The FZN Resource Pack has been updated to 17w06a!

This update includes some new item textures, a new colour pallet for many blocks, new stone textures, new netherrack textures and some other new textures!

You can download the FZN Resource Pack below:

FZN Resource Pack 17w06a.zip

FZN Resource Pack v2.2 – MC 1.11.2.zip

FZN Resource Pack v1.0 – MC 1.10.zip

FZN Resource Pack for Minecraft 17w06a
+ Added 6 splashes
+ Added Flower Pot texture
+ Added Flower Pot item model
+ Added new font
+ Added Lever item model
+ Added Repeater textures
+ Added Comparator textures
+ Added Blank Map texture
+ Added Map texture
+ Added Sign item texture
+ Added Frosted Ice textures
+ Added Rotten Flesh texture
+ Added Prismarine Shard texture
+ Added Prismarine Crystal texture
+ Added Chorus Fruit texture
+ Added Popped Chorus Fruit texture
+ Added Spawn Egg textures
+ Added Spruce Door textures
+ Added Concrete textures
+ Added Concrete Powder textures       (unfinished)
* Changed Nether Quartz Ore texture
* Changed Colour Pallet for many blocks       (unfinished)
* Changed Wool textures       (unfinished)
* Changed the Pack Logo
* Changed Raw Chicken texture
* Changed Cooked Chicken texture
* Changed Obsidian texture
* Changed Prismarine texture
* Changed Prismarine Brick texture
* Changed Dark Prismarine texture
* Changed Bedrock texture
* Changed Lava textures
* Changed Water textures
* Changed the Minecraft logo
* Changed Iron Bars texture
* Changed Netherrack texture
* Changed Magma texture
* Changed GUI to ‘Stone Style’       (unfinished)
* Changed Double Tallgrass textures
* Changed Sea Lantern texture
* Changed Glass texture
* Changed Ender Chest texture
* Changed Podzol textures
* Changed Redstone Wire textures
* Changed Coal Ore textures
* Changed Lapis Ore textures
* Changed Emerald Ore textures
* Changed Diamond Ore textures
* Changed Redstone Ore textures
* Changed Gold Ore texture
* Changed Iron Ore texture
* Changed Bookshelf texture
* Changed Stone texture
* Changed Granite textures
* Changed Diorite textures
* Changed Andesite textures
* Changed Stone Slab textures
* Changed Tallgrass texture
* Changed Cobblestone texture
* Changed Mossy Cobblestone texture
* Changed Stone Monster Egg texture
* Changed Cobblestone Monster Egg texture
* Changed Lever texture
– Removed Sea Lantern animation
– Removed old font

The FZN Resource Pack is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The link above is the Human-Readable Version, for the legal version, go here.

If you wish to contact me about anything, here is my contact page.

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