Password Managers and Storing Passwords

I now see a lot more people using password managers and other people starting to generate random passwords for different services, but is storing passwords in a password manager a good idea? Password managers work by storing the users password in a heavily encrypted form on either the users PC or an internet service. Keep … Continue reading Password Managers and Storing Passwords

What are state-sponsored attacks?

If you are wondering why I am re-writing this blog post, it is because the old version was terrible and didn't explain it very good. State-sponsored attacks / incidents are where government organizations target and attack certain companies such as Google or Facebook and try to steal personal information. This information often contains things which … Continue reading What are state-sponsored attacks?

[Old] What are state-sponsored attacks?

State-sponsored attacks are hacking incidents that are backed up or supported by government organisations/agencies. Often they support these attacks to gather information on the general public. These state-sponsored actors may target activists, anonymous members of the public and random members of the public. The actual information these state-sponspored actors will try to obtain are names, email … Continue reading [Old] What are state-sponsored attacks?

The link that could crash Google Chrome!

A few weeks ago there was a link released to the public that could crash Google Chrome. It looks like this: http://a/%%30%30 Note that this URL does not crash other browsers like IE, Edge or Firefox due to the way those browsers handle the URL. The Basics You cannot type certain characters into a URL, because … Continue reading The link that could crash Google Chrome!