Ransomware Fundamentals

The general concept of ransomware is that the victim is forced into paying a ransom in order to gain access to their computer or virtual property.


My Summary of Cyber Security in 2016

In early 2016 security researchers across the world noticed an increase in ransomware. In fact, it was an estimated 200-400% rise in the number of ransomware infections. Such ransomware families included TeslaCrypt, Cerber, Jigsaw and many others that were propagated in many different forms - Malvertising, File-Sharing and compromised websites. For a lot of 2016, … Continue reading My Summary of Cyber Security in 2016

How I dealt with the Ztorg Android Malware

On Sunday 10th July 2016 at 03:00 GMT, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android detected 2 pieces of malware on my device within a pirated version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. (Yes I pirate games if I have to) 10 minutes later, the scan finished and KIS stated that it had found one malicious app running in … Continue reading How I dealt with the Ztorg Android Malware

Adblock can be good for you

Many people use adblock (Including me) and I noticed that a lot of businesses are stating that adblockers are bad and people should not use them. Don't listen to it. Adblockers provide an important role in security for blocking compromised adverts, malvertising, clickjacking and malicious web resources, which will infect users with all sorts of … Continue reading Adblock can be good for you

WordPress was comprimised!

WordPress was comprimised by the Nuetrino Exploit Kit. This exploit kit installs backdoors on WordPress sites running older versions of the content management system (4.2 and older). It then redirects the victim through a series of iFrames to a landing page hosting a Flash exploit. The exploit targets users running Internet Explorer and the victims … Continue reading WordPress was comprimised!