Project PWD [Free Backgrounds]

On the 11th February 2017, I tweeted this:

I wasn’t expecting the positive outcome that it got. With the exception of the 1 person that voted no, the majority of people do actually want free backgrounds. Project PWD is a project that lasted about 2 weeks and it was mainly just focusing on me learning new ways to create interesting designs and backgrounds.

For Project PWD, I used some design techniques that I had never used before. This includes: Cloud effects, Median blurring and different types of overlay.

When using the backgrounds included in Project PWD, I recommend setting your background image setting to either “fill” or “stretch” in order to get the full quality of the images.

This project may be extended in the future 🙂

All assets of Project PWD are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
International License

You can download Project PWD here.


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