This post is just a bunch of ramblings. Feel free to leave if you dont want to be bored out of your mind 😉

This blog has been inactive for around a month or two and that was because I was burnt out from doing it. During that time, there were many things I wanted to blog about including the massive VTech hack or how Google is planning to deny all new SHA-1 Security Certificates in Google Chrome. I didnt have the time nor the energy and for that I’m sorry.

I recently posted something about state sponsored attacks, but to be honest I dont think I explained enough in that post. It needs more adding to it and I will probably rewrite that post sometime in the future.

As for later blogs, I have one planned for the 1st January 2016 and I hope that will be more interesting to the tech savvy people that read my blog posts.

Happy holidays! ❤

Extra: I really need better things to do than post ramblings 😛


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