Music – Popularity

Recently I have been thinking a lot about music on radio stations and music in the UK Top40. Not because is like it, but because I am sceptical of it.

Popularity is a huge thing in the UK, and what I noticed about many people is that they only listen to music in the Top 40 and on radio stations because it is popular. They don’t care about whether it is good or not. It’s all about popularity.

The many reasons why I don’t like music in the UK Top40

  1. Most of them are talentless and use auto tune. Just look at this for example!
  2. They get repeated EVERY SINGLE LESSON at my school.
  3. I don’t particular like Future Bass / Deep House, which is in a lot of songs in the Top 40.
  4. Most of them are repetitive.
  5. Everyone thinks they are cool because they listen to it.
  6. They also think that because something has not got a lot of views, that it is rubbish.
  7. Most people only listen to it if it is mainstream or popular.

6 – Extra: I can think of many songs that are not in the Top 40 and are amazing! 😀


This was more of a rant than a blog, but on the good side, at least I am being open and honest about this

NOTE: Everything on this page is my opinion. I am entitled to my own opinion and you can’t force me to change that.


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