WordPress was comprimised!

WordPress was comprimised by the Nuetrino Exploit Kit. This exploit kit installs backdoors on WordPress sites running older versions of the content management system (4.2 and older). It then redirects the victim through a series of iFrames to a landing page hosting a Flash exploit. The exploit targets users running Internet Explorer and the victims … Continue reading WordPress was comprimised!

XSS: Loading a https logon form over http

Ok, so I saw this on twitter and I decided to take a look at it: https://twitter.com/troyhunt/status/633011868596989952 The response from EnglishNationalOpera was amazing, I couldn't believe it: https://twitter.com/E_N_O/status/632915065130381312 Now, you are probably thinking "What's going on?" - It's simple, EnglishNationalOpera does not understand the risks of having a https logon form being loaded over http. … Continue reading XSS: Loading a https logon form over http