Watch out for IP Grabbers

About 2 months ago I was the victim of a social engineering attack that leveraged an IP Grabber. These tools are designed simply for script-kiddie level cyber espionage and usually give the attackers the following information: IP Address Internet Service Provider User-Agent Location Information about the victims machine Information about the victims network Cookies of … Continue reading Watch out for IP Grabbers


The Irony of Password Security Requirements

So occasionally organisations like to choose stupid password requirements for signing up to services. This is fairly annoying if you are someone like me who uses totally random passwords from a password generator. Many websites/organisations set arbitrary rules for using passwords, and many of them are either stupid and/or misleading. So I am going to discuss some of them and why they are stupid.

A Small Spam Campaign

About a week ago, I saw this on VirusTotal: A user by the name of "sgsturby" reported that it was spam. I only had about 20 minutes free so I done some quick google searches involving the domain, which resulted in this: The domain is listed at untrustworthy with a category of Spam by … Continue reading A Small Spam Campaign

The IoT Revolution

Over the past 10 years, connecting physical things to the internet has become quite a trend. People have been adding more and more devices to the internet, such as toasters, televisions, dog food dispensers, baby monitors and even wheelchairs. These devices provide very useful functionality in the average home, since you can change various environmental factors … Continue reading The IoT Revolution

My Summary of Cyber Security in 2016

In early 2016 security researchers across the world noticed an increase in ransomware. In fact, it was an estimated 200-400% rise in the number of ransomware infections. Such ransomware families included TeslaCrypt, Cerber, Jigsaw and many others that were propagated in many different forms - Malvertising, File-Sharing and compromised websites. For a lot of 2016, … Continue reading My Summary of Cyber Security in 2016

My Viewpoint on Cyber-Security in Education

This blog post describes my experiences. It may differ for you. When someone hears the phrase "Cyber-Security", they automatically think of either a hacker or some nerd in an underground lab. The problem is not the Cyber-Security community itself, it's education. In many schools across the UK, Information Security in primary schools, secondary schools and … Continue reading My Viewpoint on Cyber-Security in Education